In this area of the website, CPC related material such as scheme files, notices of changes, concordances, etc, will be published about one month before official entry into force of this material.

The publication of the pre-released material started on 6 May 2014 concerning the June 2014 CPC scheme version (2014-06).

The pre-release will normally happen on the first Tuesday of a given month (for example Tuesday 6 May 2014) for entry into force on the first day of the following month (for example 1 June 2014).

2 July 2024: 2024.08 pre-released material:

  • 2024.08 CPC Scheme in PDF and in XML
  • 2024.08 CPC to IPC concordance in PDF, XML and TXT
  • Notices of Changes related to the "2024.08 CPC Scheme":