CPC open linked Data

1.        Access to the CPC data set


The linked data representation of the CPC taxonomy is provided as a single file in N-TRIPLES format compressed using GZIP.
cpc.nt.gz (45M, checksum)


2.        Information about the CPC data set

CPC scheme as linked open data

The CPC scheme is part of the product Linked open EP data which can be accessed here: Open

Linked data creates a public web of interlinked data that can be queried, retrieved and viewed using standardized web technologies like HTTP, URI, RDF and SPARQL.

Linked open data uses Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) to identify CPC classification symbols of all levels of the CPC hierarchy, like main groups or sub groups and even guidance headings. These identifiers allow data in this CPC dataset to be linked to data in another dataset. Given its URI, data about a resource can be retrieved in a variety of formats over the web.

For occasional use a simple data browser, an application programming interface (API) and a query interface are available. For heavier use, bulk data is available for download.

With CPC linked data you can:

  • retrieve up-to-date information about the CPC scheme and, e.g. incorporate it in web pages.
  • download the data to create your own database.
  • easily combine CPC scheme data with other patent or non-patent information.
  • freely reuse the data on the basis of an open data license.

More information, e.g. user documentation and conditions can be found on epo.org/linked-data.