Outreach events planned for CPC in 2019 (latest updated 2 July 2019):


 Date  Event Type of meeting Venue
19 Feb. 2019 6th CPC Annual meeting with National Offices National Offices Geneva, Switzerland
11-15 March 2019 IP5 Working Group 1 IP5 Offices USPTO, Alexandria,VA
20 March 2019 Patent Data Day Industry Vienna, Austria
22 March 2019 6th CPC Annual meeting with Industry users Industry Vienna, Austria
4-5 April 2019 76th PDG/IMPACT Meeting Industry Stuttgart, Germany
4 May 2019 PIUG Annual Conferences Industry Alexandria, VA
17-18 Oct. 2019 77th PDG/IMPACT Meeting Industry Antwerp, Belgium
28 Oct. - 30 Nov. 2019 EPO Patent Information Conference Users Bucharest, Romania


In addition, the EPO and USPTO regularly hold CPC training sessions for patent offices.