The 2023.01 products, with IPC2023.01 implementation, are now available in the Prerelease area of

6 December 2022

As of today, the material concerning the CPC scheme version of January 2023 (2023.01) is available via the Prerelease area of the website.

CPC2023.01 implements revision changes from IPC2023.01 with the exception of new IPC class H10 that will publish in CPC2023.02 together with changes implementing further IPC maintenance.

Also, for technical reasons it was not possible to include the IPC2023.01 changes under IPC main group H04W28/00 until CPC2023.05. However, with CPC2023.02 an adjustment of the CPC to IPC concordance will be published so that, as from the February 2023 version of the CPC scheme, the CPC to IPC concordance is complete.