Update to CPC Project Numbering

As a result of system upgrades, as of the CPC 2022.05 release the numbering system of CPC projects is changed from parallel numbering to serial numbering and an extra digit is added.

From 2013 to 2022.02, projects used a set of parallel numbering, e.g. RP0001, RP0002, MP0001, MP0002, DP0001, DP0002.

The new numbering is a single set of serial numbers with an extra leading digit, e.g. RP10001, DP10002, MP10003, MP10004, DP10005, RP10006 so that each project gets a unique number to eliminate any risk of confusion between projects of different types.

When finalising a project that was originally published with an old-style number,  the old number is still used for convenience and clarity.