Important notification regarding CPC for DocDB XML subscribers

4 February 2015

In order to smoothen the full transition of the USPTO to CPC on 1 January 2015, a temporary subclass, Y10T, has been created in CPC, for a maximum of 2 years. The temporary entries under Y10T mirror the US Patent Classification (USPC) entries used by the USPTO until now in a limited number of technical areas. All documents classified in Y10T were originally classified in corresponding entries in the USPC. It should be stressed that all these documents have been classified in the rest of the CPC scheme (main trunk and indexing area).


With the migration to Y10T, the corresponding allocations have been introduced in the CPC Database with the indicator “C” (for “Concordance”) in position 40 of the CPC allocation standard. This has resulted in the same indicator being present in our DOCDB XML products. We apologise towards EPO users for not having been in a position to inform them earlier of this additional indicator.


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